Non-cheesy conversation starters to use on a guy at a bar

You spot a hot guy from across the bar and want to make your move but have no idea how to go about it. Having a slew of conversation starters in your arsenal to whip out depending on the situation can help you hook that guy with a single line. As long as you come off cool and confident with your delivery, you'll leave him wanting to continue the conversation. So what are some non-cheesy conversation starters you can use on the hot guy at the bar?

Ask about the seat next to his

Asking "Is this seat taken?" is one of those obviously cheesy lines that guys usually put out there, but asking in a soft and subtle way won't make it sound bad at all. Put your hand on his shoulder and say "Excuse me, is someone sitting here?" and point at the empty chair next to him. It allows you to get in his space a bit and open yourself up for conversation.

Tell him he looks familiar

This has worked many times amongst my friends and acquaintances that it's almost a surefire conversation starter. Ask him if he was ever at a specific local place - a high school, college or local hangout - that you spent a bit of time. If he never went there, you can tell him he looks familiar and take it from there. If he did then you already have your first topic to talk to him about.

Accidentally bump into him

I'll admit that I've done this a few times. Granted, it was sometimes on purpose thanks people shoving their way through crowded bars, but there were a handful of times I did this "accidentally-on-purpose" and it worked out well. When you're walking past a hot guy, lightly bump up against him, put your hand on his arm and say "Excuse me, I'm so sorry about that." Just make sure not to slam into him too hard and knock his drink all over the place.

Ask him what he's drinking

If you see a guy drinking something that looks interesting or you want a recommendation for something different, ask him what he's drinking. This does sound a bit like a pick-up line, but if you order the drink he suggested, it'll at least tell him that you're willing to try new things. The two of you can lead into a convo about your favorite drinks.

To ease your nerves a little, do a check before making your approach to make sure he doesn't have a girl with him. As far as potential rejection, which stops so many from just going for it, shove it to the back of your mind. It may seem a bit intimidating to talk to a guy in a bar, but keep in mind that something wonderful could come of it.

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