The "not so" perfect storm

PASSAIC COUNTY, N.J. - Hurricane Sandy was definitely of epic proportion. At first when hearing hurricane Sandy was on her way, I brushed it off. I did not wish to battle the other last-minute shoppers for what was left of food and batteries. I put all recyclables and garbage cans in our garage. Washed a bunch of clothes in case the power failed me. I gathered what was left of a case of water, candles, placed perishable items and a can opener on the countertop, and finally charged my phone. I also made a couple bags of popcorn in preparation for Sandy, as it seemed like a long waiting game.

Both my children left to stay with their father in a nearby town so I began to fear for their safety when I started to see the real-life devastation unfold. The NYSE and Times Square were empty. The beaches slowly deteriorating. I frequently checked up on them through phone calls and messaging. My daughter seemed very calm and more focused on the fact that her school was closed. I was frightened every time I heard of an injury to a child or person. The wind got stronger and a colorful light show of exploding transformers was appreciated. I, then, decided it was time to retreat to the safest part of my house to sleep. The clattering and howling winds did not help my sleep.

Fortunately, my direct area currently seems to be safe. I do not see any down wires or trees. My neighbor, however, lost some siding and my other neighbor lost half of her fence. I must say that I am extremely satisfied with the sense of community that was shown before, during, and currently with 'superstorm' Sandy. Even in the social media world, everyone has been checking on one another and sharing pictures and resources. The governors efforts along with President Obama and other state leaders is amazing. Thanks to them and emergency management and preparedness efforts, most people took heed and followed directions. I feel that my children learned how a community should stick together and help one another out in times of need. They also learned that by following the instruction of leadership, and trusting them also allows them to feel a sense of security. I am proud thus far with PSE&G's restoration efforts as I received a letter that not only those from New Jersey are helping to restore power, but individuals from other states have stepped in. Kudos and a job well-done to all; we were truly prepared.