Nursery wall decals -- Application tips and cute design ideas

If you're looking for some nursery ideas and decorating projects on a budget, consider using nursery wall decals that will help you create a beautiful space with ease. Vinyl wall decals are very easy to apply to almost any type of surface and can completely transform a bare wall. Most nursery wall decals are also easy to remove so you won't have to worry about damaging the wall or pulling off paint when you do decide to take them off. They're also one of the most affordable types of room décor to add to your DIY project list!

Here are some tips and ideas for decorating the nursery with cute wall decals:

Nursery Wall Decals - Application Tips

I've found that while there are many cheap "peel-and-stick" types of decals available at big box stores and retail outlets, only some actually look like they're stenciled designs when they're on the wall. If you want the nursery room wall to look like it's been hand-painted with an artful design, make sure you're picking up a set of nursery wall decals that don't have a clear vinyl backing right on the design. You want decals that have adhesive right on the actual design so you can stick the pieces directly on the wall. These will give you a much more professional look - and most people won't even know it's a decal.

Here are some important application tips to keep in mind:

1. Always apply on a clean surface. Make sure the wall or piece of furniture you're applying the wall decals to is free of any dust or debris.

2. Mark the territory. Avoid any spacing mistakes by marking out exactly where you're going to place your decals before you actually stick them to the wall. Even though some are removable, you'll lose some of the adhesive every time you pull it off the wall and reapply.

3. Apply pressure all the way across the design. This can be tricky with more intricate designs but you have to take the time to do it! You'll need to press the decals firmly against the wall so that the adhesive attaches to the surface.

4. Avoid bubbles. When you're working with larger nursery wall decals, you'll need to work out any bubbles that may crop up or they will show up when the backing is removed.

5. Let the decal dry in place. Once it's affixed to the wall, avoid touching or re-positioning the decal. You want it to dry and stick as quickly as possible.

Cute Nursery Wall Decals - Design Ideas for the Nursery

The wall decals you pick out for your nursery can complement the colors and theme of the room. Here are three cute ideas to consider:

The Sleepy Bear nursery wall decals are perfect for a baby room or toddler's play room and this one is available in several sizes. It's a good match for both girls' and boys' rooms, and the beige-colored bear will complement almost any color scheme.

If you want a personalized wall decal, pick up something like the "It's a Jungle Out There" Wall Decal. You can choose the color of the animals and accents in this design, and also add your child's name in the center.

Another super-cute design for the nursery is this Owl Branch Wall Decal. It's available in several bold colors and could be placed right above the crib or on any empty wall space.

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