Can you be addicted to having babies?

Photo Credit: Getty ImagesPhoto Credit: Getty ImagesShortly after Nadya Suleman gave birth to her octuplets, her own mom told anyone who would listen that her daughter was "obsessed with having kids."

In a Boston Globe article, a psychologist specializing in women's reproductive mental health said "women that have obsessive-compulsive disorder can become fixated on different obsessions."

Two of those obsessions could be having kids and being a mom. What about an obsession with pregnancy?

Even though I lost all control over my burgeoning body as the babies grew in my belly, I thoroughly enjoyed the feeling of pregnancy. I love my kids and adore motherhood.

But like many parents who are responding to my post about the octuplet obsession, I can't even imagine having eight newborns, let alone 14 kids. However, I do know a few moms who loved being pregnant. And they'd love to be pregnant again, just to go through the experience and soak in that newborn smell one. more. time.

So Shine readers, we want to hear from you. Do you think you can be addicted to having babies? And do you know anyone who is addicted to pregnancy and having more kids?

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