What to say in your online dating profile when you think your life is boring

OK, so you've decided to take the plunge with the whole online dating thing. Thumbing through other profiles, you've come to a strange and disturbing realization: your life is boring. Or at least it is to you. If your days consist mostly of work and little play, then you probably fit into this category.

When filling out your profile, there's always the dreaded section that invites singles to introduce themselves. Yes, this is the part where you're encouraged to say a little something about yourself -- to basically reiterate your hobbies and interests. It's usually this section that can totally kill an otherwise good online dating profile.

Everybody isn't into hiking or rock climbing or hang gliding or skiing or any other of those outdoor activities that are supposed to make you look well-rounded. What about the people who go to work everyday and come home to watch reality TV until the next day? These people exist. A lot of working adults simply are too tired, unmotivated, or otherwise preoccupied to engage in all the activities that the rest of the world finds exciting.

So how do you make your life look like something that somebody else would want to be a part of? Chances are, it's not what you don't do, but how you say what you do do. There are two major ways to spin this in a positive direction:

#1: Focus on things you would like to do.

But beware. If you mention somewhere in your profile that you would like to try water-skiing, know that you will attract people who are into water sports. So if you're really too chicken, don't put this in your profile just to make it look as if you're open-minded. Instead, just be honest in expressing your interest, while briefly touching on your reservations. Another helpful hint? Encourage some lucky guy to help you overcome your fears. This is a much more optimistic approach. It also makes it seem as if you are actively looking into ways to improve your lifestyle, which is also a plus.

#2: Give yourself some credit.

Helping a friend pick out drapes does not necessarily make you an interior designer. But if you know that you have a knack for certain things, include them in your profile. A vast knowledge of "useless information" might serve you and a date well during Game Night. The world is mistakenly under the belief that you must be artistic or have some sort of official certification in something in order to be good at it. This simply isn't true. As a matter of fact you are probably good at a lot of things that you don't necessarily find worthy of putting into your profile.

A person who participates in a million sports won't necessarily hold one's interest. Those tiny things that make you stand out from the pack are the nuances that make up your personality. This is what potential dates will be looking for in your profile. So, while you're lamenting over having a flat social life, do some soul searching. You just might discover that unlocking your secret passions merely takes a little encouragement.