How to organize a messy cutlery drawer

Are your flatware and kitchen tools out of control? Are you tired of digging around for that one piece you need? You can have a neat and organized cutlery drawer. It's probably one of easiest organization projects you can tackle. Here are four great ideas to get you started. 

• Double Decker Small Drawer

Have you ever noticed that flatware is - um - flat? Yes, those shiny little eating utensils aren't very big and they don't take up a lot of room in your drawer, so it's a natural to stack a couple of drawers on top of each other.

You can buy special bottom drawer inserts with a smaller rail-glide drawer on top. But, I'll give you a hint. You can create your own version of a double decker cutlery drawer. Just build a small dividing unit that fits in the bottom of your existing drawer with budget-friendly 1" x 2" lumber. Then build a smaller, divided top unit with the same 1" x 2" lumber and a piece smooth luan wood for the bottom. Run a little candle wax along the top side of the bottom drawer dividers and smaller unit will slide back and forth on them like a dream. You can put the entire thing together for under $10.

• Large Slider with Knives on the Bottom

Larger drawers give you more options. You can house your entire knife set on the bottom and let your flatware take up residence top side in a sliding unit. This is a perfect arrangement for moms with curious kids - it keeps your knives safely tucked away and out of reach from the little ones.

• Vertical Storage

Here's a new twist on storing your forks, knives and spoons - especially if you have a large set. Create cubbies in a deep drawer and store your flatware vertically. It's simple genius.

• Wide Drawers, Custom Cubbies

I love having a really wide drawer for my flatware and kitchen tools. Then I can buy one of those flexible divider kits and create separate spaces for everything I own. Here's another hint if you're building a new kitchen from scratch. Ask the kitchen designer to stack two shallow drawers in place of one regular height drawer. With two wide drawers and custom cubbies, the storage possibilities will be endless.

Check out the pictures and the inspiration for this article in the Cutlery Drawers ideabook on Houzz. You'll see examples of what you can do to get your kitchen cutlery drawers organized and keep them that way.

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