What to Pair with Maxi Skirts This Spring

Move over minis, the maxi skirt is taking your place! This summer, you'll be pleasantly surprised by the return of the maxi skirt. This easy-to-wear, relaxed skirt will go with just about anything you can pair with your favorite blue jeans. Better yet, the maxi will keep you cool and comfy all summer long - without baring too much skin. Here are a few simple ideas to help you incorporate the maxi skirt trend into your wardrobe.

Long fitted T-shirt or tank and flip-flops. Don't forget the shades! Nothing says relaxed like a casual top, your favorite flip-flops , and a great pair of shades. A crisp white T-shirt looks perfect against most maxi skirts, but don't be afraid to mix coordinating patterns.

Beach cover-up. Your maxi skirt makes a great beach cover-up. Just toss it over your swimsuit, throw on your beach sandals, and your ready to hit the sand.

Espadrilles and a structured top. To dress up your maxi skirt (think Sunday brunch), try a structured top and a pair of espadrilles or other wedge sandals. A cami and blazer or crisp button down with a slim silhouette will make a statement without looking sloppy.

White button down. If you want to wear your maxi to work, try a very crisp, bright white button down belted over your skirt, with ballerina flats and a bright hobo bag. As long as your button down is pristine, you'll look like the pro you are.

Denim button shirt. Toss a denim button shirt over a couple of tanks or a cami for a casual date night look. You'll be warm if the air gets cool, but trendy, too. Wear a skinny belt under the denim shirt to add a hint of a waistline.

Halter top. If you dare to bare your shoulders--and why not, since the rest of you is covered--try a halter top and belt it over your maxi. Keep the halter form fitting, but not too tight.

Cami and converse. Kick up the edginess of your maxi skirt with a simple cami or two and your matching (or not) converse. You'll be able to keep up with little ones in your life and still look on trend.

Maxi skirt for evening. There are some gorgeous, super-sized maxi skirts for evening wear in great satins and organza fabrics. But what do you wear with it? A super fitted, super white or black T-shirt and heels. You'll look polished and trendy, but not overdone.

How to wear your maxi now. It's a little bit cool for summer gear, but you can wear your maxi anyway. Pair it up with a great pair of slouchy, flat, over the knee boots, boot socks, a large belted sweater, and a leather hobo bag. Or throw on a tiny shrug or shrunken leather jacket for a look that's both girly and cool.

Remember, balance and proportion are key to keep that maxi skirt from looking sloppy or matronly. Balance the long billowy skirt with a fitted or belted top to keep you from looking shapeless. If you are petite, choose a maxi with a leaner silhouette. If you're not-so-petite, some extra fullness will give you an hourglass figure. If you want to get more wear out of last year's maxi dress, have your tailor turn it into a great skirt or just layer right over top. Keep the length nearly to the floor, but just high enough that you won't be tripping on your hem. With all the fun ways you can wear this skirt, its sure to be one of your go-to pieces for summer style.