Parenting Guru: The 364 Days Besides Father's Day

This past Father's Day my husband, a lifelong runner, completed his 11th marathon (20 if you count the six half marathons and three ultra marathons he's completed as well). And he did this at age 54, looking strong and fit and happy.

Our five-year old daughter loved it when he briefly stopped at mile 25 to give us both a sweaty hug. And that night, we toasted his accomplishment as we dined on his favorite foods and showered him with Father's Day cards and gifts.

Still, it's the other 364 days a year that makes me want to toast this man for being the father (and husband) that he is in our lives. Here are 10 reasons why I'm thankful for you, dear husband:

1. When we married in our 40s, you had never imagined being a dad, thinking perhaps it wasn't the path for you. Yet somewhere in our journey together, your heart and mind shifted and you took this leap of faith with me. I'm so grateful every day that you did.

2. Every day, you set an example for our daughter of what it means to be a man who respects women. That is one of the most important things she can know.

3. Every day, you love us both unconditionally. And that is one of the most important gifts you can give us.

4. You communicate your feelings and fight fairly, making sure we never go to bed angry. (Thanks for being better at ensuring this then I am.)

5. You work hard every day to support your family.

6. To my continual amusement and shock, you love to do dishes. You even whistle while you wash. Lucky me! Yay, you!

7. You plaster photos of your kid and your wife all over your cubicle walls.

8. You call us "precious cargo" when we're in the car and work hard to drive safely at all times.

9. You are a maddeningly consistent creature of habit, but in all the ways that provide us with comfort and security, too.

10. You run three times a week, not just for that next marathon, but because you want to be healthy and around for us as long as possible.

It's nice to sing your praises on Father's Day, but know how thankful we are for you every day of the year.