Parenting Guru: You Already Have it All

I know, I know; you're tired of hearing about how you can have it all, only to hear about the reasons you can't. Or shouldn't. Or shouldn't want it.

Listen up, friends: you should want it all. In fact, you already have it all, you just forgot.

I know it doesn't feel like it sometimes. Your neighbor just got a super sweet Honda Odyssey, and you didn't. Your BFF is rocking a 2-carat wedding ring, and you aren't. Everyone's kid is better behaved than yours. Even still, you are the possessor of all. You've made it to the place you are on account of lessons learned, hard work, and a big, fat heart. The air you breathe, the love you give, the support you receive, and the smiles you offer are all blessings, and big ones at that.

Wondering if your "all" is all there is? Thinking your all isn't good enough? That's OK, too.

Do what you want to do. Subscribe to what brings to joy. Stop being pissed off at the world. Start making your place in the world a little more beautiful every day. Love on your kids. Compliment your husband. Make something. Breathe outside air. Paint your nails. Eat a donut. Call an old friend.

Go get it, get more all. Fill up on goodness and happy. Laugh your butt off. Try on wedding dresses with a friend for giggles. Sit in silence. Dream bigger. Freaking try. Do good. Forgive yourself. Cry it out. Ask for help. Like yourself.

You and me, we're getting better all the time. Redefining ourselves and our expectations. Ridding ourselves of the people and things that take up space, ugly our pretty, and no longer serve a positive purpose. Your space, your energy - it matters, but it only matters as much as you believe it does.

My all is big and beautiful, and it's only getting bigger and more beautiful with each day that I value it more. Want part of my all, world (not you guys; I'm talking the world in general)? You've got to earn a spot here. I'll give and share and help and love as much as you can handle, but you've got to deserve to be part of what I'm creating.

Join me in redefining your all. Fill it with the happy. Spring clean out the rest. Be the bouncer at the front door of your wellness. If I can do it, I know you can.

What makes up your "all?"

Mommyfriend goes by Lori Garcia in real life and is a Shine Parenting Guru. She writes at where she's busy finding perfection in imperfection daily. When she's not fussing with her bangs, she's shaking her groove thing for