Parenting Guru: How we count down the days until Christmas

We help our kids count down the day until Christmas, while focusing on the Christmas story

December is certainly a month for family traditions. For a little while, it felt like we had more traditions than there were days in the month.

The younger members of our family can find it hard to wait for the big day, so we try to find various ways to count down the days of Advent. In the past we have lit Advent candles at night, one candle for each week, leading up to Christmas.

This year, we are trying something new, in the hopes establishing a new tradition for our family. This year, we are putting together a "Jesse Tree." For each day of the month of December, we read a passage of the Bible and short devotional thought. Each day has a different picture or ornament to go with it. Since we have a large chalkboard in our dining room, I drew a chalk tree. Each night, one child takes a turn taping our "ornament" to the tree.

The kids are enjoying the various pictures for each day. I like that they have an opportunity to count down the days to Christmas Day, while focusing attention on the real story of Christmas.

I'm hoping that they enjoy this new "tradition" enough to make it a long-lasting one for our family. How about you? What are your favorite holiday traditions?

Melanie is a Shine! Parenting Guru. You can read more about parenting escapades at her personal blog, tales from the crib.