Parenting Guru: My cute mom outfit

So, parenting toddlers doesn't leave much room for fashion. It's so easy to get into a fashion rut, where you grab the same three things every day. Soon, you've created a "mom uniform," and it's so not cute. Maybe you live in your yoga pants (like I have a tendency to do). Maybe you throw on the same pair of jeans three days in a row. After awhile, you hardly recognize yourself in your own clothes; what happened to the fashionable lady you used to be?

Well, that's easily explainable. It's hard to wear heels because you never know when you'll be running after your little one as he darts into the street. Short shirts are out, because you're constantly on the floor and if you're like me, you don't want to expose your entire back to the world. And knee-length skirts? Not a good idea. They're hard to move in, sit in, and as cute as they are, often cuteness is not the priority. If you're like me, comfort is key. You have to be able to move fast, be flexible and carry around your bag, your child and possibly, your child's lunchbox. But, if you're also like me, you love clothes and are always looking for the next fantastic outfit that will let you be a mom and still stay fabulous.

There are ways to do this! There are fashionable solutions to these challenges. For example, in this outfit, I have on one of my staples, the long tank. I have many, and they go underneath everything and provide that longer layer that I need to feel confident. And as for the shoes, check out those wedge heels! They provide just a bit more support, but are still cute enough to match my cropped pants and not give me that unflattering socks/sneakers with capri pants look. (So uncool.)

And, to go over the tank, a cute button down that's not too tight, moves with me, and doesn't look wrinkled if I sling bags over my shoulder. Finally, if you have any body issues with your tummy, (which I do) a structured jacket provides support, a bit more coverage, and creates a nice vertical line.

Add a few accessories, and I feel confident and cute, which can be a tough feat when you are a mom of a toddler!

What is your go-to cute mom outfit?

Sarahlynne loves writing for Shine as a Parenting Guru. She also writes for merelymothers, a parenting website, where she sometimes discusses her fashion challenges and stay-at-home mom style.