Parenting Guru: DIY Halloween costume fail: The Baby in the Yellow Hat

A few years ago, my son was totally obsessed with Curious George. The books, the cartoon, and, yes, the Halloween costume. Since my husband and I (used to) pride ourselves on our creative ideas, a commercial costume seemed beneath us (remember, this was three years we're totally accepting of poor-fitting polyester).

One night, I had a brainstorm. If our oldest boy was going to be Curious George, why not make a costume so our baby could be The Man in the Yellow Hat? It sounded like a great idea. We were sold.

I spent the next few weeks searching far and wide for the perfect materials. It would be simple enough, I thought. All I needed was a pair of yellow footie pjs. I came up empty. Ok, white. Again, nothing that didn't have adorable girlie decorations. Ok, a white shirt and pants, some yellow dye, and some black fabric paint. Who knew white fleece turns more brown than yellow when dyed? Well, me, thanks to some experimenting. (I won't even go into the free-hand fabric painting I decided to do after finally creating the perfect yellow top and bottom.)

Oh, and all that excitement was paired with me trying to craft a ginormous yellow hat, suitable for a crawling baby. Late one night when I was going at a styrofoam cone with a butcher knife, my husband (very carefully) suggested I might be out of my league. It was time to call in reinforcements. Luckily I have a very talented friend who worked her magic to save the costume's yellow bullet, if you will.

One thing led to another and, before we knew it, the Halloween festivities began. It was time to unveil the happiest of Curious Georges, and his sidekick, The Baby in the Yellow Hat.

We quickly discovered that our little guy wasn't so into big hats. But that didn't stop us from getting compliments everywhere we went. People thought the monkey and the banana were an adorable pair. (Though they couldn't figure out how the lady with steam coming out her ears fit into the picture.)

So much for the saying, "If you can dream it, you can do it." But that won't stop this crazy mom from trying...or will it?

Have you ever had a DIY project turn out, well, a bit differently than you'd envisioned?

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