Parenting Guru: Got fairytales?

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there lived a prince and princess. Both of them were very busy. They had careers outside the castle. On weekends, the prince and princess relaxed and went out with their friends. They especially liked going to their very favorite sushi place. There, they hung out, drank Saki bombs and ate delicious food.

They would also go to other royal homes to visit and eat BBQ. They walked their dogs and wine tasted and shopped and went on vacations to places with beaches, where they sat out in the sun, even though they had wear SPF 70 to do so.

Their lives were charmed and happy. Despite being royalty (or at least thinking they were), they weren't rich, but they had friends and family and fun. And then one day, the princess awoke on a bright, sunshine morning and thought, "something is missing from this castle."

She looked high and low to discover what was missing. She found a hairbrush she had lost two years before, the left tennis shoe to her favorite pair, several socks without mates and the prince's favorite coffee mug. But she couldn't find what was missing.

And then one day, while walking in the mall, she noticed another princess with a baby in a carriage. And that was when the princess realized what she had been missing all along.

Unfortunately, convincing the prince that he, too, was missing a child was a daunting task. The prince was quite happy with his life the way it was. He liked wine tasting and traveling and climbing the corporate ladder. So he offered to buy the princess her dream car.

It was tough, but the princess refused.

So the prince offered her a new house. And the princess refused. The second refusal was a lot less tough, mainly because they couldn't afford a new house.

But after that the princess dropped the subject, because she knew the prince needed time to think. A few months later, the prince came to her with the news that he, too, had discovered that something was missing. And that it wasn't a new house or a dream car.

That made the princess very happy. And after that, the royal couple adopted a royal prince. And they named him Junior, because in all honesty, they aren't very good at picking names.

And even though they never got the dream car, they all lived happily ever after. So far. After all, the little prince is now a smart-mouthed teen, so happily ever after has had its share of bumps.

What about you?

Do you have a happily ever after?

Or a dream you are making come true?

Share it with us - but shhhhh. Don't tell anyone I'm not really a princess, ok?

Laurie Sontag is a newspaper columnist, blogger and mom who was once the Featured Felon of the Day in a small Wisconsin town. Well, not really. But someone with the same name was, so that's close enough, right? She blogs at Manic Motherhood, but you can also find her on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.