Parenting Guru: Pictures say a thousand words, and then some

Halloween at our house is always a big deal. There are bags of candy, spooky decorations and getting into the spirit of the day is a must at our casa. It's one of my favorite holidays, a holiday where all three of my girls share my enthusiasm. And while cutesy-wootsy photos often say a thousand words, the funny story behind mine is quite…well…comical. Sure, the girls all look cute and happy in their costumes, ready to hit the town and do the annual candy grab, but there is a little more to this particular photograph than that.

Getting Cheeky With It

Do you see the teenager who is dressed like a zombie? The one with fake blood running down her face? Well that photo is quite fitting for that week. The week before, my daughter had all four of her impacted wisdom teeth taken out and was in loads of pain for a full week after the surgery -- and had some real blood running down her face from time to time. In fact, that night, as she was on passing-out-candy-duty, she was on a Vicodin…and was looking quite comfortable in the meantime -- because she was.

Her cheeks were still swollen, but she refused to sit out on her favorite holiday of the year. She was in no shape to go on the trick-or-treat-along, but she was adamant about passing out candy. So she forged ahead, pain and all to do her candy passing out duty, and she did it with the zest and fervor I have come to adore about her. She takes this stuff seriously, you know.

The Family that Zombies Together

I would be lying if I didn't say I didn't have a zombie fetish. I'm shamelessly addicted to all things zombie. In fact, I went trick or treating with my little gangster for Halloween dressed as a zombie prom queen. As we walked up and down the street, little kids would run away, scared by my stellar zombie look. Color me twisted, but that was part of the fun for me. I was in character, and loving every minute of it. Other parents and passersby, giggled at their children's fright. I'd say we had some great sports last year.

Upon arriving back home and seeing my teenager who was still in a pharmaceutical-induced haze, I had come to find out that a few of the smaller munchkins refused to trick-or-treat at our house, because she had scared them off. I laughed and I laughed and I laughed, and then, planted myself next to her so that we could scare small children together. All in the spirit of fun of course.

Because the family that zombies together, stays together.

Do you have a few photos that tell a story without saying a word?

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