Parenting Guru: A special Valentine for a mystery 4th grade girl

My nine-year-old son is a lot of things: sensitive, shy, and grossed out by girls - or at least that's what he wants us to believe.

As my son and I trolled the Valentine's aisles looking for the perfect box of valentines for his class, he asked if he could get a special big card. "A big card?" I asked, "For who?" Embarrassed, he said, "For someone, it's no big deal." With a heavy sigh he made his way to the vast selection of lovey dovey pink and red Valentine's cards. It was clear he indeed cared to send the very best.

It struck me as oddly hilarious that my son was on the search for the perfect Valentine. One that would say all the things he wanted to say in just the right way. The card that would let that special someone know just how he felt about her. The card he would be both proud and nervous to give. The tide was shifting; my little boy was growing up. Just yesterday he was the kid who was grossed out by love. Kissing? Eww! Long embraces? Gross!

I stood in the background giggling with pride over the small man he was becoming. After a small eternity he returned to the shopping cart and buried his card under a pack of white T-shirts and business envelopes.

Ugh! What did the card say? The suspense was killing me. I knew the moment we got home he'd hijack the card like a ninja so I did what any nosey mother would do and headed straight to the video game aisle to distract him.

The card had Snoopy on the cover holding a valentine that read, "Happy Valentine's Day to the best Valentine around!" So OK, not exactly the "would you be mine" variety, but the benign innocence of the card was simply charming. The only difference between this card and his classroom valentines is that it was four times the size.

I was dying to know which lucky fourth grade girl was going to get the big red card from my son. Would she be surprised? Embarrassed? Excited? Would she have one in return for him?

On the way home I just had to ask who the card was for. The answer was just as I suspected, "Mom geez! Nobody, OK?"

Fair enough. I guess I'll never know the little girl deserving of this carefully selected Snoopy card but I'm betting she's pretty great if he picked her.

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