Parenting Guru: Top 10 Reasons Why Teens Are More Terrible Than the "Terrible Twos"

There are so many articles and books about the terrible twos. They convince us parents that once (if) we survive those toddler years, the rest is gravy. Well, guess what? The twos are a piece of cake compared to the teens. Here are 10 reasons why:

#1: You can't pick up teenagers and put them in their room. Enough said.

#2: They can outsmart you with their Ninja Technology Expertise.

#3: They have a whole lot more vocabulary words with which to attack you.

#4: The hug-to-hate ratio is much lower.

#5: They remember promises you made more than 48 hours ago.

#6: They drive. A two-ton vehicle. On highways. At night.

#7: Their 'loveys' are no longer stuffed -- and they might even have belly rings.

#8: They consume more milk in a day than you can afford.

#9: Tantrums are replaced by the wall of silence.

#10: Their bedtime is later than yours.

Do you agree? In what other ways are teens tougher than toddlers?

A proud Parenting Guru, Boston Irish is actually Maureen O'Brien, PhD (aka Dr. Mo). She is a psychologist, parenting coach, workshop speaker and mother of twins. Her latest book is called Advantage Mom: 20 Lessons from a Parenting Pro, available exclusively at