Parenting Guru: What's the best way to handle little boys and guns?

How do I teach appropriate gun behavior to a little boy with a toy?

I have four kids: three girls and one boy. From the beginning I have heard that boys are easier. I can see why people say that, but, coming from a family of two girls, and, being a girl myself, I have to admit that my son is a conundrum for me.

For example, I am decidedly anti-guns and violence. I knew as soon as my son was born that he would eventually find a way to build himself a gun. I know that fighting the battle against all guns any time, any where, is more trouble than it is worth.

My question is: what can I do to make sure he has an appropriate attitude toward guns and gun safety? Today on the way to pick up his sister from the bus stop, he was using his thumb and finger to make a gun to shoot at cars that passed us. This is exactly the kind of gun usage I would like to avoid, even in play.


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