The 10 Best Places to Go for Baby Name Inspiration

You Can't Call It 'It' is one of the best baby name websites around!You Can't Call It 'It' is one of the best baby name websites around!So you're contemplating baby names, are you?

Did you know that there's an entire community of baby name blogs? Women (some moms, some not) obsessed with all things naming - the histories, meanings, sounds, popularity, etc.? They'll group names together in master lists, they'll answer reader questions, and some will even do personal name consultation. The bloggers have different perspectives and styles - some are from the U.S., others from Australia or the U.K. - but they share the same thing: passion for names.

If you're in the process of searching for the perfect name (or, if you're like me, and just daydream about future children's names), check out one of these baby name blogs:

1. Nameberry
Baby-name enthusiasts need to clear a few hours out of their schedule for - because the site is addictive. It's easy to search, easy to read, and fully comprehensive in its scope and knowledge of naming. Not only does Nameberry have an awesome blog - much thanks to their awesome community of namers - but they have an endless database of name meanings and histories.

2. The Baby Name Wizard Blog
The Baby Name Wizard has interesting graphic features for name searchers - like graphs and maps. But they also have a comprehensive blog, where they break down naming categories (like Greek names, popular U.K. names, names in the news, etc.) as well as in-depth naming issues (like "Is the Internet Changing Our Perspective of Names?").

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3. Name Candy: Ask the Name Lady
In collaboration with The Baby Name Wizard, NameCandy is a separate Web site for baby naming - including an entire celebrity baby name blog (which, yes, guilty pleasure). But my favorite is their "Name Lady" section, where the resident Name Expert answers all sorts of reader questions - like "is this name too weird?" and "what are the correct pronunciations for these names?".

4. You Can't Call It "It"
Although Elisabeth Wilborn, the blogger behind You Can't Call It 'It' doesn't regularly update her baby-name blog, it's still my very favorite - just for the archived posts alone. With helpful advice like "7 Deadly Trends of American Baby Naming" and "Names Like Isabella (and other overly popular names)," her advice is evergreen. The blog also has a long list of name suggestions - from color names to French names to girly names.

5. Appellation Mountain
Popular in the baby-naming community (and a frequent guest poster on Nameberry), Appellation Mountain's tagline is: where every name has a story. And they follow through with this by featuring a "Baby Name of the Day," where each name is fully explored - from its history to possible nicknames. There's also extensive baby name advice and naming lists to sift through.

6. Hello, My Name is Pabst
I think the tag line pretty much says it all: "Baby names for nonconformist, indie, geeky, diy, hipster, and alterna-parents of every kind." This is definitely the most unique and entertaining name blog of the bunch. Rather than just write about a name - the history, meanings, etc. - Hello, My Name is Pabst features real babies + a fun little blurb about the baby's personality and interests. You get everything you want to know (including why the parents chose the name) in a short, funny blurb. LOVE IT.

7. Name Soiree
If you find yourself scanning movie credits for name inspiration, or birth announcements in your local newspaper, then you'll definitely like Name Soiree - which is basically endless lists of real-life babies from around the world.

8. Swistle: Baby Names
Here's another fantastic resource for anyone looking for a baby name. Swistle largely answers readers' naming questions (plus offers private baby name consultations), so this could be the place to go with your nitty-gritty baby naming dilemmas.

9. Waltzing More Than Matilda
Waltzing More than Matilda offers a comprehensive look at baby names through an Australian lens - from celebrity picks to in-depth name analysis.

10. British Baby Names
Here's another international baby name blog, but this time from a British perspective. British Baby Names offers statistical analysis, historical research, and discussions on current naming trends. Of course, many of the names are similar to what you'd find in America, but you'll also find a few surprises!

- By Michelle Horton
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