10 Classic Movies to Watch with Your Kids

My kids have been really into movies lately. And as much as I love Cars and Finding Nemo (I do! I really, really do!), I can't watch them 87 times a week.

Thankfully, they're getting old enough to be able to sit through "real" movies. So, I've been trying to figure out what movies we can watch that we can all enjoy. I started thinking about what movies I liked to watch as a kid, and have been putting together a list.

Some of the movies on my list are somewhat obvious, and some of them are a bit more obscure, but each of them bring back fond memories from my childhood. I hope that my kids love them as much as I do. If the fact that we're on screening number two of Harry and the Hendersons is any indication, I think I'm on the right track.

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1. Harry and the Hendersons. This touching tale, about a family who finds "Big Foot" and tries to return him to the wild before he's discovered, will entertain your kids and show them that family comes in all shapes and sizes.

2. Annie. This is a classic, sweet tale about an orphan who finds a forever family in the unlikeliest of places. With songs to sing along to, Annie will entertain the entire family and reinforce the idea that love, not money, is what will make you happy in life.

3. Baby - The Secret of the Lost Legend. In this story, a scientist tries to save a baby Brontosaurus (now called apatosaurus) from greedy poachers. Your kids will learn that preservation is more important than exploiting animals, and resources, for money.

4. Benji. An adorable, lovable mutt goes on the search for his favorite children, who have been kidnapped. Benji enlists the help of the townspeople who love him, and through a series of adventures, finds the children and solidifies his place in his forever home.

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5. ET: The Extra Terrestrial. An obvious classic. A touching tale about an alien and a human whose friendship blooms even with all the odds against them. In the end, love and friendship know no boundaries if you keep them alive in your heart.

6. Explorers. In this story, the dreams of a group of young friends come true when they build a spaceship and travel to a distant galaxy in search of aliens. They end up learning the important lesson that things aren't always as different as they seem.

7. Flight of the Navigator. The whole family will be on the edge of their seats while watching this tale about a boy's adventures with time travel. David will do anything to get home, but will it be enough?

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8. Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. Everyone will laugh at this goofy Scientist dad who accidentally shrinks his kids and their friends. But can he find them and undo his mistake before it's too late?

9. The NeverEnding Story. To escape bullies, a boy travels to a fantasy world through the pages of a book. There, Bastian learns that believing in his hopes and dreams, and himself, is the key to living a fulfilled and happy life.

10. Pete's Dragon. This sweet musical follows the story of an orphan boy and his magical dragon. Fast friends, Elliott the Dragon watches over Pete and, once Pete is happy and safe, leaves him to find other children who need his help. A touching story about love and friendship, it teaches kids that sometimes you have to let go, even if you don't want to.

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