10 Easy Ways to Automate Your Mommy Routine

10 simple tips for making mom life easier10 simple tips for making mom life easierI don't know about you, but I'm always up for streamlining and simplifying.

If I can find a way to make my life easier, I'm all about it! As moms we are juggling a lot of things to do, things to remember and things, things, things. Here are 10 tips to make mom life easier that help me every week!

1. Have a pre-packed essentials bag on the ready.
We keep a diaper bag filled with extra diapers, extra swim diapers, wipes, powder, a toy, a paci, and an outfit change. Then when we need to run out the door, we just toss in some snacks and drinks, and we're ready to go. No packing required!

2. Write it down when you think of it.
Whether you have a planner in your purse, a smart phone app, or a little piece of paper you carry around, write down the things you need to remember when you think of them. Make little lists so that those things can stop stressing you out -- and having them written down means you'll be able to find them and remember them later when you need to.

3. Master the art of the Crock-Pot.
10 minutes of prep in the morning and you've pretty much made dinner already. Crock-Pots are all kinds of amazing. There's a ton of recipes on Pinterest. Our favorite is chili.

4. Pack the night before.
If you have a trip, an event, or even you are just going to take your kids to daycare, pack the bag the night before when baby is asleep and you aren't tired and rushed.

5. Delegate.
If you have something you need to get done but can't delegate it to a friend or family member who has offered to help, then enlist your spouse. Or even better, delegate one of them to watch the baby so you can go take care of it yourself.

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6. Utilize the "toy stash" defense.
We keep toys in little organizer bins in the nursery, in the living room area, and in the car. That way, toys are always nearby and they have a home to stay organized when not in use. The car toy stash has been amazing. We can pull it out on long rides or even leave it with Grandma when she offers to babysit.

7. Make a routine for yourself.
For me, that means waking up and making a protein smoothie, then after that coffee, while watching a cartoon or playing quietly on the floor with my son before launching into the day.

8. Make a routine for them.
Our son has a really relaxed routine but it's simple and it gives him structure. Breakfast as soon as he wakes up, then play time, then nap time, lunch and more play or errands, we go outside in the afternoons, then dinner, bathtime, and bedtime.

9. Waste not, work not.
We use leftovers from dinner to make lunch for the next day. Our son especially likes "sauna" (aka. pasta) so we make sure to make a little bit extra the night before so we don't have to do the work all over again the next day.

10. Take some time for yourself.
Make time for yourself a priority. It's not selfish. In fact, it's generous because by allowing yourself time to refuel and re-center and relax; you refill your tanks so you can be a better mom, friend, and partner to the ones you love.

- By Becka Robinson

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