10 Fun Books for Introducing Shapes

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From everyday objects to the wonders of nature, shapes are found all around. Hone your tot's shape-recognition skills during story time with one of these fun and educational books. Reading together encourages language skills and is also a great opportunity for a nice snuggle, making these age-appropriate books a fun way to bond as well as educate. Click through this collection of 10 shape-filled books perfect for little ones.

  • A Circle Here, A Square There ($5): A wonderful addition to any library, here's a simple shape book filled with graphic design and great language for introducing forms to little ones.
  • Shape by Shape ($15): Explore angles and lines with your tot while reading this color- and shape-filled book by Lois Ehlert that layers and creates unique animals. The simple words and rhymes also make it an instant favorite.
  • The Shape of Me and Other Stuff ($9): A classic from Dr. Seuss, this rhyming shape book will have both parents and kids having fun learning about forms. With shadow shapes and silly phrases, your tot will love checking out the shapes of things through this book.
  • Museum Shapes ($17): Famous artworks lead your child through this beautiful book from The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Introduce your child to famous artworks as well as the world of shapes!

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  • I Spy Shapes in Art ($20): Your tot will take a closer look at a special selection of artworks while searching for hidden shapes. Not only is this book a great introduction to fine art, but it's also a fun game kids of all ages will love!
  • Round Is a Mooncake ($16): Take a walk through a little girl's neighborhood as she discovers all the shapes around her while reading this book. Your child will enjoy the fun adventure, from dim sum to rice crackers.
  • Cubes, Cones, Cylinders, & Spheres ($18): Tana Hoban's classic book with basic photographs takes children on a discovery of shapes that is understandable and enjoyable. Your child will love looking at the shapes found all around us in our daily lives.
  • Brown Rabbit's Shape Book ($4): With detailed illustrations, this adorable shape book follows Brown Rabbit through her shape adventure. From square boxes to round balloons, your child will want to look at this book over and over!
  • A Star in My Orange ($7): There's a star in your orange! Here's a book that takes your child through a fun adventure finding shapes and discovering the hidden forms found in nature.

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