10 Gifts We Never Got as Kids ... And We're Still Bitter

10 gifts we never got as kids...10 gifts we never got as kids...When I was a kid, my sister wrote "Pow, Pow, Powerwheels" at the top of her Christmas list every single year, yet it never appeared under the tree. Back then, when motorized cars were brand new and my parents were on a tight holiday budget, they just couldn't justify spending $400 on a motorized car - but we still joke about it. (And you can be sure my sister's first child will have a "Pow Pow Power Wheels" from Grandma.)

Then I saw this cute post on Hello Giggles called "10 Things I Wanted for Christmas As a Kid but Didn't Get and Still Want," and it prompted me to take the question to Twitter and Facebook. What did you always want for Christmas as a kid, but never get?

The response was ridiculous. Turns out kids don't just forget about their unfulfilled wishes. They carry it into adulthood, in specific detail:

American Girl DollAmerican Girl Doll
1. American Girl: Dolls That Look Like Me
Reader @abitofglitter always wanted one of those custom dolls from American Girl. I remember looking at those at the back of the catalog, but I already had my Samantha doll.
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Easy Bake OvenEasy Bake Oven
2. Easy Bake Oven
This was the second most popular response, like from readers @HisMrsHerMr (who settled for her gammy's toaster oven) and @SweetMelissa11. C'mon parents, give into the Easy Bake Oven!
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Power Wheels JeepPower Wheels Jeep
3. Motorized Jeeps/Power Wheels
THIS was the most popular response, by far. My sister isn't the only one who never got to cruise around in a mini car - including grown men who are still bitter about having to ride shotgun in their friends' Power Wheels.
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Princess HatPrincess Hat
4. Princess Hat
This one is mine. Bet my parents didn't think I'd carry this into adulthood.
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Playmobil Victorian HousePlaymobil Victorian House
5. Playmobil Victorian House
Reader @peachycolleen always wanted to unwrap a Playmobil Victorian Dollhouse. She remembers the specific one!
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6. Trampoline
A popular gift for parents to refuse, but @bethrago never forgot about it.
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Fisher-Price 3-in-1 Tournament TableFisher-Price 3-in-1 Tournament Table
7. Fisher-Price 3-in-1 Tournament Table
My friend Jeff could have been a really successful pool shark. If only.

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8. Gameboy
Another popular wish from the '80s/'90s kids, like @dipedishdust.
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9. Talkboy
Almie wanted one of these high-tech devices (including cassettes! And a tape recorder!), made famous by Home Alone 2. But when she found it under the tree, it was addressed to her brother.
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10. A REAL Dog
My friend Magda desperately wanted a dog, yet this is what she found under the tree. Maybe she should have specified a VISIBLE dog.
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- By Michelle Horton

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