10 most overlooked hospital bag essentials

Cute little layette from the baby shower stash. Check. Car seat installed and ready for cargo. Check. Robe and change of clothes. Check. So, you've read all the baby books and think you're ready for the big trip to the hospital, huh?

Not quite. Far from it actually. Seasoned moms, you know what I'm talking about. Here's a countdown of the 10 most overlooked items that you should stuff in your overnight bag to bring to the hospital. Don't, I repeat, don't go into labor without them. You'll thank me later.

Top 10 Hospital Bag Essentials

10. Your own pillow. Because sleep will soon become your second most important goal in life (after loving your beautiful new baby!).

9. A change of clothes and a toothbrush for your husband -- in fact, you might consider packing a small, extra bag for his stuff.

8. A DVD player. Labor can be long. It makes standing in line at the DMV seem like a breeze. Having tunes on hand will help if you need to pass some time either before delivering or after (especially if you wind up with a C-section and have to remain in the hospital for a few days).

7. A prepaid phone card, in case your hospital won't allow cell phones.

6. A small blow-up mattress for your partner. It'll beat listening to your spouse whine all night as he tries to get comfortable in the hospital chair.

5. Plenty of snacks for you and your partner. Two words: hospital food.

4. The phone list of who to call, because the act of giving birth triggers Mommy Brain almost immediately.

3. Hair brush and ties to pull your hair back. Because there will be sweat. And worse.

2. Your journal or baby book to begin recording memories -- Mommy Brain again.

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Any other surprising things that moms delivering in the hospital should remember? Did you have everything you needed for the the big event?

Written by Melisa Coburn on CafeMom.com

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