10 Parents on Pinterest that Everyone Should Follow Now

Pinterest is the new mecca for creative types. Love decorating? There are boards for that. Love books? You can showcase your favorites. Need style/fashion/life inspiration? You'll find it all. Spending time on this site brings us back to the days of making collages and dream boards, and we're not ashamed to say we're obsessed. But guess what? In addition to being the most incredible time-suck since Solitaire, Pinterest is also an amazing resource for parents! Whether you're redecorating your home, planning a birthday party, or looking for fun crafts to entertain your kids, a quick Pinterest search is sure to give you a ton of ideas. And there are a ton of parents on Pinterest just waiting to share their kid-friendly recipes, organizing tips, and craft ideas. Here are 10 moms everyone should follow on Pinterest ASAP:

Kirsten GroveKirsten Grove1. Kirsten Grove, 3,749 followers, 47 boards, 1,921 pins
If you enjoy fashion magazines, you'll love Kirsten's "Fashion" board. A mix of high-end and hippie, her eye for style is impressive. Fans of her interior design aesthetic (featured on her blog, Simply Grove) will want to check out all the design boards that fill her Pinterest page, from the intimate "What Home Means to Me," to the fun "Wallpaper," and the inspiring "Cool Spaces" - Kirsten's chic curations are unmatched.
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Laurie TurkLaurie Turk2. Laurie Turk, 5,044, 92 boards, 1,350 pins
From "April Fool's Day" (hamburger cookies!) to "Easter Basket" (34 pinned templates for those overachievers out there…), and "Cub Scout Cake Ideas," Laurie has your holiday and party crafts covered. But if all this crafting has your house looking like a "Before" project, click on her "How To Get Organized" board which will help you get squared away - starting with the cleaning closet. Seriously, we don't think we've ever gotten around to tidying our sprays and rags - ever. Laurie's mix of original ideas and great finds from around the web is nothing short of impressive.
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Shannan RiemerShannan Riemer3. Shannan Riemer, 256 followers, 36 boards, 580 pins
Gluten-free gals will love Shannan's "Gluten Free Goodness" board, which features such typically off-limits delights like pie and cookies. And her "Crafty Stuff for My Little People" has us pinning like crazy. Jetpack costumes and bath crayons have now replaced "cook wholesome dinner" on our ASAP to-do lists. Another board worth checking out (especially if you're a House Hunters fan) is "Interesting Real Estate" - it brings a whole new meaning to state of the art.
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How Does SheHow Does She4. How Does She, 22,714 followers, 57 boards, 2,134 pins
We love the extensive holiday-themed boards that go above and beyond on this Pinterest page. For instance the "Easter" board shows you how to send Easter eggs in the mail - how cool is that? And we're jealous of the kids who get to celebrate these "Themed Parties." If you ever need gift or party planning inspiration, definitely check out the boards on this page.
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Liz StanleyLiz Stanley5. Liz Stanley, 4,103 followers, 18 boards, 711 pins
We cannot disagree with Liz's self-assessment: "Collector of all things beautiful." She has 120 pins on her appropriately named "To Make" board, and we've already picked a few, like this cardboard box guitar, that are on our own dream-project list. And we haven't seen boards as clever as her "Geometrics" and "Stripes" featuring products that make specific patterns something to be coveted.
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Ashley Ann CampbellAshley Ann Campbell6. Ashley Ann Campbell, 1,054 followers, 27 boards, 373 pins
We love Ashley Ann's wide variety of crafting ideas on her blog, Under the Sycamore, so it's not surprising that her "Things to Make" Pinterest board would boast a smorgasbord of alluring concepts. Our faves include DIY boot socks and flip-flops - fashionable, useful, and (hopefully) simple enough for those of us who aren't as crafty as the curator.
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Ali EdwardsAli Edwards7. Ali Edwards, 13,512 followers, 28 boards, 524 pins
We love Ali's "Things I Don't Need but Want" board, and not just because of its clever name. We didn't know we were craving them, but now we're jonesing for a pair of turquoise sneakers for spring, a red tape dispenser for our home office, and telephoto lenses for our iPhone. We're also finding lots of scrapbook inspiration on "Memory Keeping" - it's way more fun than creating an online photo gallery!
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LeBaronLeBaron8. Marie LeBaron, 2,094 followers, 39 boards, 546 pins
Boards like "Salted Caramel Heaven" and "Yum Yum in My Tum" let you know that this pinner is a not-so-secret foodie, but she works it off with "Paleo Power" picks. In addition to her food appreciation, Marie is also a crafting wiz. If you're simpatico, you'll definitely want to follow (and possibly contribute to) her "Makes and Takes for Kids" community board featuring special DIY projects and recipes just for kids.
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Dana WIllardDana WIllard9. Dana Willard, 11,344 followers, 55 boards, 1,910 pins
Boards like "DIY and Cute Ideas" have the same feel as this mom's popular blog, Dana Made It - inspiring, yet accessible. From dyeing onesies in Easter-egg hues to crafting handmade maternity shirts with DIY ruching, thrifty moms will love these unique ideas, which are a mix of Dana's own projects and others from around the web. Not only are her pins one-of-a-kind, some will even help keep money in your wallet (for more crafting materials, obviously!).
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Cate O'MalleyCate O'Malley10. Cate O'Malley, 928 followers, 98 boards, 5,521 pins
Cate has the usual home ideas, craft inspirations, and holiday fare of any serious Pinterest member, but it's her picks on "Lunch Ideas" and "Rainbow Inspiration" that really make her profile page pop. Featuring everything from butterfly-shaped snacks to spider-themed bento boxes, and a rainbow cupcake cake, (yes, a cake of cupcakes), you'll be inspired to create … and tempted to lick the screen.
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- By Amy Levin-Epstein & Dara Pettinelli

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