10 Spooky-Fun Halloween Apps For Kids

Source: 10 Spooky-Fun Halloween Apps For Kids

The countdown to Halloween has officially begun. If pumpkin carving, spooky party snacks, and costume preparations aren't enough, there are several Halloween-inspired apps to satisfy tots craving for all things Halloween. Check out these kid-friendly apps that will keep the Halloween spirit alive and well - before and after the big day.

  • Angry Birds Halloween ($2): The insanely popular Angry Birds app has a Halloween edition, which, for better or worse, is just as addicting as the original version.
  • Cookie Doodle ($1): Cookie Doodle allows kids to design their own Halloween themed cookie with none of the actual mess. This app isn't solely for Halloween: it features different themed cookies for other holidays as well, so it has some staying power.
  • 123 Glow HD Coloring Book, Halloween Edition ($2): The classic coloring book gets a mobile makeover with the Halloween edition of the 123 Glow Coloring Book app. Preschool-aged tots can color-by-numbers to create Halloween themed pictures they'll be proud to show off.
  • Doodle Jump Halloween Edition ($1): The Halloween edition of the time suck that is Doodle Jump is a free update to current Doodle Jump users, and features "Doodlestein," a "creepy Frankenstein monster," that takes players through haunted levels with zombies, vampires, witches, and other appropriately Halloween-themed characters.
  • Dress Jack-o-Ween ($1): Dress Jack-o-Ween is a fun way for tots to say a virtual "Happy Halloween," by customizing a jack-o-lantern and then selecting one of the provided audio messages, or recording their own.

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  • Singing Pumpkins (Free): Singing Pumpkins is a slight misnomer, as the pumpkins do more squeaking, screaming, and squealing than actual singing.
  • Hazy Dell ($2): Hazy Dell is a fun and spooky (but not scary!) ebook about what happens when the Cyclops Witch, the Willowy Reaper, the Prune-Skinned Goon, and other creepy creatures wander out from the wooded outskirts of town and into the sleepy confines of Hazy Dell. Well written and illustrated, this will quickly become a favorite story in the lead up to Halloween.
  • Halloween Stickers ($1): This simple concept - kids drag a selection of over 30 Halloween Stickers onto five different backgrounds - will keep lil ones entertained for hours.
  • Treat Street ($1): Treat Street is a fun way to introduce tots to the concept of trick-or-treating. The game begins with choosing a costume, and once costumed, the character proceeds on to Treat Street, where they knock on doors to receive a candy deposit.
  • Carve-a-Pumpkin From Parents magazine (Free): Carve-a-Pumpkin with none of the mess and dangerous sharp objects with this app from Parents magazine.

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