10 Things to Do on Christmas After You Open Presents

The gift-giving frenzy is over and wrapping paper is strewn about – now what? There are plenty of activities you can do to maintain the holiday buzz. Here are 10 suggestions to get you started.

1. Watch an entire season on Netflix

Because binge-watching a new show is the new normal – just like Orange is the New Black…(there’s an option right there).



2. Go to the movies

A trip to the movies isn’t just for the lonesome or non-celebrators. You can help make one of the highest grossing weeks for the movie industry even more profitable. Rumor has it that Saving Mr. Banks has something for people of all ages, making it a top choice for families this holiday season.

Modern Family Movies

3. Bake cookies

There's nothing better than a classic Christmas sugar cookie to get you in the holiday mood. After the baking, just frost, decorate, eat and repeat.


(Tumblr/Chunk n Chip)

4. Whip out the board games

A family that plays together, stays together. Pictionary and charades included.



5. Watch old family videos or create new ones

Dust off those old home videos to stir up some laughter and throwbacks. And if you’re not into the potentially humiliating tapes, gather the crowd and make a new holiday video. The Holderness’ Christmas Jammies rap was a recent YouTube hit. 

6. Go ice-skating

Holiday ice rinks aren’t around all year long, so take advantage of the outdoor arena. Perhaps you’ll find a hidden talent for figure skating. Move over, Michelle Kwan.


7. Go Christmas caroling 

You could even make someone’s wish come true, like Daleny Brown, who was greeted by thousands of carolers outside of her Pennsylvania home last week.



8. Get your blood pumping

Weather permitting, break out your new scarf and mittens for a stroll outside. If not, blast the holiday music and bust your favorite moves. It'll help you build up an appetite for the meals to come.


9. Volunteer your time

The satisfaction of giving back for the holidays is unmatched. In a season full of presents, the greatest one is the gift of your time. Help at a food bank, wrap last-minute presents at the mall, or pay a visit to the local hospital. Volunteermatch.org helps locate opportunities closest to you.


10. Make gingerbread houses

In the spirit of the biggest DIY year yet, it’s only fitting to close it off by building your own gingerbread house. The gingerbread man will be able to rest easy this holiday season.