10 Things We Never Thought We'd Do To Get Baby to Sleep

As I was patting Fuzz's tush while he was whimpering himself to sleep last night, I thought about all the things I've done in order to get my babies to sleep. It seems at some points in our own desperate attempts to get sleep, or some time alone, we will subject ourselves to things we never thought fathomable. Here is a list of things I've tried with success:

1. Bouncing on a physio ball

2. Rocking (in my arms, a chair, or a swing)

3. Jiggling the carseat or stroller

4. White Noise Machine/Sleep Sheep

5. Pacifier

6. The Butt Pat

7. The Back Rub

8. Vaccuum cleaner (yes, really)

9. Going for a stroll

10. Going for a drive

For more things I'd never thought I'd do to put Fuzz to sleep, visit Babble's Baby's First Year.


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