10 Tips and Reasons For Teaching Manners

Eye Contact-
Start young and make it a point to teach your child eye contact. Eye contact is an action that shows confidence (internally and externally).
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Thu, Oct 6, 2011 4:03 PM EDT
Money can't buy manners, but it can afford some lessons! Lisa Taylor Richey, The Official Etiquette Ambassador for The Plaza Hotel in New York City offers children a week-long course (15 hours of instruction in everything from holding a fork to a offering to perfecting the handshake) at Charm School with Eloise for $495. Fees for the charm school include an Eloise handbook, a catered meal, a favor bag, a placemat, custom thank-you notes, and a daily cheat sheet for parents. We asked the founder of The American Academy of Etiquette to give us 10 tips to help moms teach their children manners and why the specific acts are important. Richey believes, "manners make you feel more confident and when you feel confident you become a leader." Check out her tips.

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