10 Tips For Surviving a Summer Pregnancy

Source: 10 Tips For Surviving a Summer Pregnancy

If you think it's hot out there, just imagine how an expectant mama is handling the heat. Mamas-to-be can get hot, hot, hot, due to extra blood flow causing higher-than-normal body temperatures in addition to the extra pounds they are packing. But, there are simple ways women with child can cool off aside from turning on the air conditioner. Check out our tips!

  • Reduce Sodium Intake: It may seem obvious, but reducing your salt intake will help prevent swelling. Don't eliminate it completely though as it contains iodide, which is essential to the health of the baby-to-be.
  • Remove Your Rings: Fingers are one of the first places a mama-to-be swells and heat doesn't help matters. At the first signs of swelling, remove your rings so they don't have to be cut off.
  • Go For a Swim: A jump in the pool will not only cool a preggie lady off, but it takes some of the pressure off of the sciatic nerve and allows her to feel weightless.
  • Damp Washcloths: Placing a cool, damp washcloth on the neck or forehead will help bring the body temperature down and reduce sweating.
  • Movie Theaters and Malls: When bored of sticking to an air conditioned house, expectant mamas may want to try a visit to the local mall or movie theater. Both are filled with cool air and you may get some baby shopping done!

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  • Drink Fluids: We know we should drink at least eight glasses of water a day but sipping orange juice, milk and sports drinks will help replace electrolytes that are being sweated away in the Summer sun.
  • Breathable Clothing: Keep your maternity wardrobe light-colored, lightweight and made from breathable fabrics like cotton and linen. This will keep sweat stains to a minimum and prevent heat rashes that can develop under the breasts and abdomen.
  • Use Higher SPFs: Even if you usually stick to SPF 15 sunscreen, consider using higher numbers when pregnant. The sun can increase melanin production that leads to the "mask of pregnancy." Protecting your skin from the sun's rays will reduce the melanin production.
  • Massages: Pregnancy massages can help reduce swelling and prep mama for labor.
  • Wear Proper Shoes: Summer may seem like the perfect opportunity to pal around in cute sandals or flip-flops, but wearing comfortable shoes - possibly a half size larger than your normal size - will help support your growing belly and keep swollen feet from getting cut up.

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