10 Unmistakable Signs that You're a New Mom

You know you're a new mom when...You know you're a new mom when...With August as the statistically most popular birth month in the United States, there's a pretty good chance you're a new mom reading this list right now!

Even with a tiny baby in your arms, sometimes it's hard to believe you're a new mom at all… but you know you are when you encounter these 10 signs on our list.

1. You Get Over Baby Messes Really Fast
Dirty diapers? Spit up? Leaks and accidents? Meh. You're over it! Baby makes it through the day with only one outfit change? Now that's something to get excited about!

2. You Can Pack a Diaper Bag Like It's Your Job
Not only are you packed and prepared for anything, you can restock a diaper bag in under two minutes if you have to.

3. You've Considered the Workout Benefits of Rocking Your Baby
It's two in the afternoon or two in the morning and you're doing that side-to-side shuffle and you've thought to yourself… "Surely this works out my core, right? Right?? It must."

4. You Can't Remember Anything Without Writing It Down
If you thought "baby brain" ended once baby got here, you'd be mistaken. You can probably blame the sleep deprivation for it.

Wait… what were we talking about again?

5. You Can Multi-task Like a Boss
Not only you can simultaneously check your email, eat your dinner and feed your child with just two hands and a lot of careful balancing, you do this nightly.

6. Not a Day Goes By Without Doing the Laundry

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If you've been used to Sunday laundry day, having a newborn quickly throws that routine out the window! For new moms, doing the laundry is like brushing your teeth… sometimes a twice a day habit!

7. You've Got The Essentials At Hand
It's like magic. Baby needs something and BAM! You've got it. Pacifier? Check. Baby wipes? You might as well have them up your sleeves at this point.

8. You Can Swaddle Like a Champ
Whether if it's with a traditional receiving blanket or a special swaddle sleep sack, you can wrap baby up like a burrito in 30 seconds flat. At this point, you're practically a Gold Medalist of Olympic swaddling!

9. You Check Facebook and Pinterest at 3am
It's 3am and let's face it: you're probably up with a hungry or fussy newborn. Not only are the wee hours of the morning your new social network check-in time, you're probably doing it one-handed on your phone, too!

10. You Melt Every Time You Look at Baby
You just can't help it: tiny toes, tiny hands… everything about your little baby mesmerizes you. Soak it up, new mama - it doesn't last long!

-By Keiko Zoll

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