10 Ways to Add Exercise to Your Kids' Routine

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Kids spend a lot of time sitting in front of screens, so it's important to make sure that they get enough exercise throughout the day. Tiny tweaks to your family routine can have a huge impact on your children's activity level, so try to step back and reassess your habits to get your kids moving. Check out these 10 ways to amp up your kids' exercise patterns and share your own fitness suggestions in the comments below!

  • Walk to School: Try picking a few days a week to walk or bike with your kids to and from school. It's a great way for you to get another workout in, and you'll appreciate the extra quality time together.
  • Encourage a Lively Recess: Not all kids love sports, but try to encourage your kids to be active during recess. If they'd rather draw than hang from the monkey bars, help them figure out something else they might love. It's important that they get those few minutes of exercise in during the day, and it will help them stay focused when they get back to the classroom.
  • Switch to Kid-Friendly Exercise: Regularly go to group classes on your own? Swap out your gym routine one day a week and pick exercises you can do with your children instead. Bring out the hula hoops or jump ropes for a few minutes of heart-pumping fun.
  • Create a Competition: Make fitness fun by turning it into a healthy competition. Build a simple obstacle course in your backyard or simply challenge your kids to a push-up face-off to get them moving. Other ideas: time their runs, create a hopscotch course, or start a game of tag.
  • Choose Active Activities: Amp up your weekend activity as a family by skipping the movie theater and playing miniature golf instead. If the weather isn't golf-appropriate, try bowling or laser tag.

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  • Take After-Dinner Family Walks: Going for a short walk after dinner isn't just good for the body, it's also a great way to sneak in a bit of family time. Make it a habit to take after-dinner strolls and it will become a routine the kids can look forward to.
  • Do Errands on Foot: If you're visiting the supermarket or post office around the corner, ask your kids to join you and walk there together. It will make the errand feel more enjoyable and allow you both to squeeze in a bit of extra activity.
  • Buy Fitness-Friendly Toys: Help your kids to get moving by giving them active gifts, like a scooter or a pair of Rollerblades. Even a family ping pong table could help to shift the focus from television to game time, so get creative and find something you know they'll enjoy.
  • Limit Tube Time: Too much screen time means not enough movement. Get your kids off the couch by setting boundaries for TV time. Allow a certain number of hours, or just a few specific TV programs, so that they can use their time for more fitness-friendly hobbies instead.
  • Choose Fitness Video Games: Ditch the sit-and-stare video games and invest in Wii Fit instead. Not only will it offer an active alternative for rainy days, but you'll find yourself enjoying it, too.

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