10 Ways Motherhood Has Changed My Wife for the Better

The author's beautiful wife with their two kids.The author's beautiful wife with their two kids.Standup comedians and sitcoms often make it seem like women change for the worse after becoming mothers. In my experience, though, the exact opposite is true, especially when it comes to my wife. Here are the top ten ways motherhood has changed her for the better.

10. She's stronger

Heather found an amazing wealth of untapped strength when battling through high-risk pregnancies to bring our children into the world. Today that strength is still with her, and I see it in every aspect of her life.

9. She's more patient

Inconsequential things that used to drive Heather up the wall no longer get to her.

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8. She's more serious

There's a wonderful gravitas that women tend to acquire after becoming mothers, and Heather is no different.

7. She's quicker to laugh

Heather may be more serious, but she's sillier, too. She knows you have to laugh with kids or you're liable to go crazy, and I love the light her laughter brings to my life.

6. She's more creative

Our children have acted as muses for Heather inspiring her to decorate rooms, plan birthday parties, make crafts, and take photographs. It's a joy to see her mind at work and I can't wait to see what she comes up with next.

5. She's a better cook

In our pre-baby days Heather and I practically lived on takeout. Now she cooks delicious meals and our whole family is a lot healthier for it.

4. She's lower maintenance

Before kids Heather could spend hours getting ready to go out. Now she can get herself and the kids ready in just fifteen minutes, and look every bit as amazing.

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-By Mike Sphor

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