10 Ways to Bond Better with Your Kids

Over the decades, Good Housekeeping has shared tips on everything from teething to taming the teen spirit. We dug into our archives to uncover some of our best tips and learned that good parenting advice never goes out of style.

1. GH wisdom from 1900: "Among the pleasantest memories of many a childhood are the recollections of those rare and eventful days when work was suspended for the time and Father and Mother went with the children for an outing."
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2. Talk during chores. Prepping dinner, shoveling snow, or painting the basement are perfect times to get your teen to open up.
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3. Chat in the car. Sitting shoulder-to-shoulder rather than eye-to-eye makes kids feel less defensive; perfect for getting into a real conversation.
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4. Share your passions. Introducing him to your hobbies offers him a new perspective on you as someone with interests beyond his grades and friends.
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5. Take an interest in her passions. If she offers you entry into her obsession du jour (whether a novel or an ice cream flavor), demonstrate a real willingness to enjoy it. It's a surefire way to strengthen your bond.
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6. Just watch him. Remember how your toddler loved it when you watched him dance around the room or draw a picture? Teens still crave that positive attention, and it can intensify your relationship.
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7. Don't play 20 questions. Posing endless queries makes kids feel like you're prying. Instead, ask general questions about a topic he loves and when he makes a comment, add your own.
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8. Talk by typing. Learn how to text or IM. Teens are often more comfortable with cyber communication than they are with face-to-face chats.
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9. BRB? LMAO? If your child's language is peppered with unintelligible words, try netlingo.com. It'll help you decode even the most cryptic conversations with a dictionary of online jargon that's updated daily.
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10. "If a child is given love, he becomes loving...if he's helped when he needs help, he becomes helpful. And if he has been truly valued at home...he grows up secure enough to look beyond himself to the welfare of others." --Dr. Joyce Brothers, 1974 (author, spokesperson, and GH contributor for almost 40 years)
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How do you develop a loving relationship with your child?

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