10 Years of 'Sex:' Our top 6 mommy moments

HBOHBOWhile Sex and the City was mostly about sex and the single girl in New York City, it evolved to become about love and the not-so-single woman and even mom. Maybe that's why so many of us ladies love the show so much -- sure, it appealed to the shoe-shopping, cocktail-swilling, boy-loving side of us; but it also went deeper into the realness of women's lives. As moms, Healthy Living editor Jessica Ashley and I decided to dish on our six favorite mommy moments on SATC. Check them out:

1. Charlotte's baby shower for Miranda: When Miranda found out she was pregnant, Charlotte was having trouble conceiving. As a peace offering after their rough patch over this, Charlotte throws Miranda a baby shower, but a girly one that upsets Miranda.

Annette: This episode is one of my favorite memories from the show. When I was pregnant, I felt the same way. I'm not really into that girly girl stuff, and I actually felt like such a freak. I kept remembering Miranda's reaction and struggle with that. It seemed like that struggle helped her let go of her toughness, and kind of embrace motherhood, which in some ways is a really such an intense form of femininity.

Jessica: Yes, so much so, that even us girly grrrls are overwhelmed by the frilliness of it all!

2. Brady's umbilical cord: Miranda's newborn is just home from the hospital, and the clipped stump of his umbilical cord finally falls off.

Jessica: I loved/hated the episode when Miranda's son's umbilical cord fell off and the cat played with it. It grossed me out so much.Then when I had my son, every time I was cleaning his cord, I thought about that episode and it haunted me!

3. Miranda seeks work/life balance: Miranda heads back to work after having Brady, and pushes to be a successful attorney while also being a great mom.

Annette: I absolutely loved that she was unabashedly a working mom, and that having a kid didn't stop her from continuing to working to be successful.

Jessica: I just saw an episode the other night where she stood up to her boss, saying she was cutting her hours. She was like, "I am only working 50 hours a week from now on....OK, 60. ... 65 tops! And I was thinking, that is so true -- that push and pull, the ache for the baby and the ache to work.

Annette: And it's such a fear that having a kid makes you not competitive.

Jessica: Or that you have to work harder...on less sleep. And with engorged boobs!

4. Miranda gets sexy pre- and post-partum

Jessica: I loved that she had hot sex while she was pregnant -- and not even with Steve! And the episode where she was finally able to get back into her skinny jeans. I felt that one.

Annette: Completely! When you're pregnant, you're not feeling very hot, but Miranda owned it! And absolutely on the skinny jeans -- I remember the day I got back into just my non-maternity jeans. Happy friggin' day.

5. Vibrator to the rescue: Samantha avoides babysitting Brady, but when she finally gives in, Brady's vibrating bouncy seat (which is the only thing that soothes him) breaks. Samantha improvises with her own vibrating attachment.

Annette: The funny thing about this is my husband remembers that episode, and he brought it up when we got our own vibrating bouncy seat for my daughter, which of course made me laugh out loud. And he kept insisting that that was THE way to soothe a kid. I think the episode really got into his head

Jessica: My mom always says, "You are raising a generation that is going to have some weird affinities and addictions with all those vibrating toys." Totally true!

6. Miranda's pregnant while Charlotte can't conceive: This is probably the sweetest but toughest thing the show tackled. Having a child is one of the most high-pressure goals expected of women, and when it's easy for one friend and not the other, it's brutal. SATC covered off on this one in style.

Jessica: Wasn't Miranda's pregnancy at the same time Charlotte found out she probably couldn't get pregnant? That was very real, that dilemma.

Annette: There was a lot of stuff happening, like Carrie told Aidan she had had an abortion earlier in life.

Jessica: They showed how those choices to be mothers or not don't get easier as you get older. In fact, getting older sometimes making them less of a given.

Annette: I remember i found out i was pregnant right while some good friends were having lots of trouble conceiving, and another friend had had a miscarriage recently.

Jessica: I am in a playgroup with a few women who had IVF and lots of trouble conceiving. Once I mentioned that i got pregnant on the first go, and I was laughing about it. And this one woman was like, "Oh you're one of those bitches..." Yikes. So, that complication between friends over motherhood -- I thought they dealt with that well.

Annette: In some ways, i loved how Miranda stood a little tough through it, too. Unapologetic. 'This is my situation, and this is how i deal with it.'

Jessica: Yes, and we are not the same.

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