12 Biggest Spiritual Lessons I've Learned from Being a Mom

Things that motherhood has given me...Things that motherhood has given me...There's a beautiful quote from the spiritual leader Osho (also know as Rajneesh) that goes like this:

"The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new."

I love it for its profound, yet simple truth. Motherhood has transformed all that I am. The birth of my firstborn brought about a newness to life and to my role in this world. These are some of the things that motherhood has given me…

1. Hope for a Changed World
Maybe my role as a mother can change the world, even in small ways. I can show them to respect others. I can show them how to love others. I can show them how to take care of the environment. I can show them how to be a friend. Through them, maybe this world could be a better place.

2. A Grateful Heart
Each day I get to be a mother is a blessing that I give thanks to God over and over for. Motherhood has given me a grateful heart.

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3. The Importance of Following Your Dreams
My daughters have given me the courage to follow my dreams. From spending my days with them to living on a farm, they have been the ones that given me my final nudge of encouragement.

4. The Beauty of Stillness
Motherhood has taught me to appreciate a slow, still life. Instead of filling my days with hustle and bustle, my girls make me slow down and pay attention to the beautiful moments and minute things that would have normally passed me by.

5. The Happiness in Celebrating
Without a doubt, my girls have taught me to celebrate each day. Celebrating small victories - from being brave while getting shots to taking first steps - is essential.

6. The Sacred Value of All Life
Since having children, my views about the things I eat and the way I treat the environment have totally changed. The miracle of their life gave me an appreciation for all the things around me.

7. The Simple Life
Our daughters have given us eyes to see the value of a simple less. "Less is more" and "living on love" have become our family mantras. Simplicity leaves us with a profound happiness, contentment, and peace.

8. Being Courageous
My daughters have taught me the hardest lessons about being strong and brave. For them, I will be courageous.

9. The Value of Hard Work
Parenting takes it all. From working hard to breastfeed a baby for over a year to waking up multiple times in a night to care for a sick baby, the hard work always pays off.

10. Living a BIG Life
Our girls have given my husband and me the inspiration to do big things with our lives. Instead of spending our days in front of a screen, we dig in the dirt and we dance to the record player and we make memories that will last a lifetime.

11. Be the Person I Hope They'll Be
With a new baby, comes hope. Hope for a new person, a new "try" at life. Each and every day I try my hardest to be the person I hope my girls will someday be. (Though I fail!) I hope that they will be kind, patient, loving, accepting, gentle, hilarious, outgoing, smart…. I know they learn from example, so it's somewhat up to me!

12. Being Proud
Most of all, becoming a mother has made me more proud than I have ever been. I am honored and humbled and so proud to be raising such amazing girls.

- By Lacy Stroessner
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