13 Awesome Father’s Day Gift Ideas

As the poignant saying goes, "A father is a son's first hero and a daughter's first love." Show pops he's tops by giving him a great gift to show your family's appreciation for all he is and all he does. Here are 13 awesome Father's Day gifts that speak to the many different attributes of the modern-day dad. There's something to suit every price range, and there are several selections granddads will love too! We've also included gifts from every Red Tricycle city so you can support small, local businesses with your purchase. Happy Shopping!

For Dads who prefer the boardwalk over the boardroom


Recycled Rubber Flip Flops $46
These flip flops were made for... racing? Yep, they're handmade from recycled race car tires and bike tubes salvaged in California. And when dad kicks up his feet, he has an instant conversation piece, as the bottom of the flip flops bear the original tire tread.

For Dads whose best friend is a nice cup of Joe


Stumptown Coffee Roasters Hair Bender Jar $32
For dads who don't officially wake up before drinking their morning cup of java, Stumptown Coffee Roasters Hair Bender Blend with put a hop in his step. This blend is comprised of five to eight different coffees which boast flavors including caramel, milk chocolate and sweet citrus. The limited edition jar comes chock full with a 12 ounce bag of this unique and delicious coffee.

For the Dad who wants his smartphone to look, well, smart

Bamboo iPhone 4/4S case featuring custom art $139
Handcrafted in Portland, OR from a single block of bamboo, this handsome iPhone case may be customized to feature original artwork. So if daddy has a treasured drawing from one of his kiddos, he can carry it in hand as a one-of-a-kind inscription on his smartphone. Brilliant.

The key(chain) to Daddy's heart


Daddy's Keys $79
Continuing the theme of immortalizing beloved children's artwork, these sweet keychains are the key to a dad's heart. Simply submit your child's drawing, and Etsy artisan Mia van Beek will transform it into a hand sawed titanium key chain.

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