13 Genius Ways to Tell Your Partner You're Pregnant

We've got a bun in the oven!We've got a bun in the oven!For both of my pregnancies, my husband was with me when I took the test, so there was no need to think of a clever way to tell him.

But if you do find out on your own and want a great way to break the big news, here are some fun ideas. Of course, the beauty of a pregnancy announcement is that, even if you just say, "We're having a baby!" it's still thrilling.

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1. (Literally) Bake a Bun in the Oven
The bun in the oven is classic. Plus, you can celebrate your news by eating it afterwards!

2. Set Up the Crib
Whether it's in your room, the future nursery, or even the entryway, this is a great attention-grabbing announcement. Bonus points if you fill it with balloons or hang streamers above it.

3. Text an Ultrasound Photo
You very likely won't have an ultrasound photo at this early stage, but it's easy to snag one off the internet. Send it in a text message and wait for your phone to ring...

4. Make a Coupon
"Good for One Baby: To Be Redeemed in 9 Months!" That's one coupon he'll be happy to use!

5. Serve a Beverage in a Bottle
Serve his drink at dinnertime in a baby bottle. Or if you are going out to dinner, slip it to the server and ask her to bring his drink in it.

6. Pull Out the Ring Box
If you've been holding on to that ring box since the proposal, here's a great time to pull it out again. This time, you can get down on one knee, but instead of a ring inside, you can put in a note, an ultrasound picture, or a pacifier!

7. Make Dinner Reservations
Let him know you've made a reservation for dinner at your favorite place. For a party of three.

8. Set the Table with an Extra Plate
You'll get a double take when the table is set with an extra spot. Especially if it's with baby dishes!

9. Let the Mirror Share the News
Was there ever a better message to scrawl on the mirror with lipstick?

10. Write It on Your Belly
Use some lipstick or another skin-safe writing utensil to share the news!

11. Fortune Cookies
Write the due date on a slip of paper and label it "Lucky Numbers." Put it in the fortune cookie and order takeout. The real question is, will your be able to wait until the meal is done to hand over the fortune cookie?

12. A Poem
Lacy, of the blog Living on Love, wrote a sweet poem and framed it for her husband. What a treasure.

13. Poppyseed
At four weeks, your baby is the size of a poppyseed. Put one in the middle of a plate with a note explaining!

- By Janssen Bradshaw

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