15 Questions to Ask Your Mom About Motherhood

By Christine Johnson, for BabyFit

Once you and your baby are home from the hospital, your new life as a mommy will feel like a whirlwind. People will come and go over the next few weeks, but the one who is sure to be of the most comfort is your own mother. As you enter into one of the most trying and rewarding phases of your life, lean on her for support, encouragement, and a few belly laughs--this time will surely remind her of silly stories from when you were a baby!

  • What kinds of challenges can I expect when I bring my baby home from the hospital?

  • Do you have any breastfeeding tips?

  • When will I begin to see my baby's personality?

  • What things did you do to try and relax as a first time mom?

  • Did you suffer postpartum depression?

  • Did you feel overwhelmed?

  • Whom did you ask for help around the house when you needed it?

  • Did you get any unsolicited advice from strangers? If so, how did you handle it?

  • What is your favorite age range during the first year of a baby's life?

  • Do you have any favorite stories from when I was a baby?

  • What surprised you the most about being a mother?

  • What is one of the biggest challenges you have faced as a mother? What has been the biggest reward?

  • (If you were an only child?) What made you decide not to have more children?

  • (If you have siblings?) What made you decide to have more children?

  • What advice would you offer me as a first-time (and/or second-time) mom?

One of my closest friends once said that being a mom is "one of the hardest jobs you'll ever love." And she's right! While being a mommy is sometimes frustrating and challenging in so many ways, there is nothing more rewarding. The memories you will have from this experience are sure to follow you throughout your life--just ask your mom! Knowing where you've come from and who you are--and who your mom is--will help you in your future.

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