2 Baby Books You MUST Include on Your Registry

Are you about to register for your baby? My daughter, Joleen, has been in love with these books
since she was about 3 months old. I think we still read them all at least five times a day! She has a TON of books, but these particular few seem to be her absolute favorites. Hopefully they will hold up so her little brother can enjoy them too!

1. That's Not My Monster is a bright, colorful, touch and feel board book that is full of the most adorable monsters you'll ever meet. I find that board books can withstand a good beating, which will hopefully allow me to save this book for our next baby.

This is such a simple board book, but your baby is sure to love it. There isn't much in way of a story line, but I think the simplicity is perfect for babies. The words are repetitive to help your little one pick up more vocabulary, and they will also be introduced to new shapes and textures ($8.99 on Amazon)

2. Saffy by Paola Opal is a book for any time of day and any type of mood. Joleen loves this adorably winsome little board book. I can read it over and over, and it never grows old. The bright colors, and fun-to-say words will engage and captivate your little munchkin. The story is simple, but teaches a very beautiful message. I love that every time we read this book, Joleen is reminded that if she puts her mind to something, she too can reach the stars just like little Saffy does in the book ($8.95 on Amazon).

For two more must-have baby books, visit Babble.


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