21 Fun Road-Trip Games

We've all been there: It's six minutes into the family road trip you've been planning for months, and the kids are already asking, "Are we there yet?" Make the drive a fun adventure with these classic road-trip games. Don't forget to bring a few prizes-with a little incentive, these games double in fun.

By Erin Renzas

Personalized Coloring Pages
Forget the boring store-bought coloring books. Let the kids make special requests for what they'd like to color and then, with a black marker, draw the outline yourself on blank paper. A map of your hometown? Sharks at a birthday party? A picture of their favorite toy? Done. Just remember: Open spaces are no fun to color in. The key is to break them up with details that can use lots of colors. You'll need a couple of supplies and a little artistic ability for this one, so pack that black marker, crayons, and a lot of white paper. Even better, get the drawings done before you hit the road.
Good for: All Ages

Castle in the Sky
Take turns picking out clouds in the distance and deciding what they look like.
Good for: 3 and up

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The Drawing Game
This one's also a take on the Storytelling game, but with drawing. Pass around a piece of paper and let everyone add one line until it forms a picture. When it's done, let the kids color it in.
Good for: 3 and up

Slug Bug
What's there to say? See a Volkswagen Beetle and call out, "Slug bug!" One point is awarded to whoever calls it out first, but beware-a point is deducted if one is wrongly called out. Traditionally, this game involves the administration of a gentle "slug" to the shoulder of another player as the bug is called, but depending on the energy level and age of your children, you may select to forgo this part.
Good for: 3 and up

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