3 Baby Products You Don't Know to Register For

Often parents don't know what products they need until they can't live without them, but it dawned on me that this problem could really be solved from the get-go during your baby shower registration.

We all have baby products that add a little more convenience to our lives. And let's face it, new moms need all the convenience they can get. So which products do pregnant women really need to know about?

Here are our favorite baby products that you didn't register for:

1. Pacifier Clips (pictured above): For anyone who's had pacifiers fall and disappear forever (or worse, drop in a public bathroom), you know what I'm talking about.

2. Stuffed Animal Storage

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While you're registering for a crib, nursery decor, bedding, etc. - you'll want something cute and functional to store the hoards of stuffed animals you will soon collect. Trust. (See the best stuffed animal storage solutions, including these 3 Sprouts canvas bags.)

3. The Phil + Teds Lobster

Most pregnant women leave the high chair buying until after baby's born, but save yourself the trouble and ask for this clip-on high chair. While other travel high chairs might do the trick, see why the Lobster is better than the rest.

To see 2 more products you didn't register for, visit Babble.


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