3 Gifts New Moms ACTUALLY Want

I've never known anyone to give or get them, but I've known about the concept of push presents
- gifts given to the new mom during labor or shortly after. Heck, after my baby was born it was another round of onesies and stuffed animals. But a lot of women are gifted diamonds for each birth, and while this writer was skeptical at first (as am I), she eventually realized that a push present was exactly what she wanted.

I guess I can see how she wanted a tangible reminder of that momentous event (the writer equates push presents with a wedding ring), but isn't the baby tangible enough? I don't know about you, but I wasn't thinking about jewelry while I was delivering the placenta.

For those like me who would rather have something useful than materialistic, here are 3 push presents a new mom really wants:

1. Meal delivery. If a bunch of my family members decided to pitch in and coordinate meal deliveries with a site like Mealbaby.com, I would have been ecstatic.

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2. Sanitary napkins, Tucks medicated pads, sitz bath…all wrapped up in a pretty bow, of course. Let's be serious here - that's all you want. I think romance left with the mucus plug.

3. A spa gift certificate. My muscles ached in places I didn't even know had muscle. While I wasn't able to go to a spa for quite some time (especially during the beginning of breastfeeding), the thought was promising. And when I did get to use it, I enjoyed the pampering like I never did before.

Did you get a push present? What would you have liked to get after your delivery?

For 2 more gifts new moms actually want, visit Babble.


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