3 Mommy Inventions That Could Make You Millions

The time has come for me to share my top ideas for baby care inventions. Maybe someone out there has the moxie to make them a reality. If you do, you can send me a massage gift certificate or an Edible Arrangement ... and 30% of your earnings. Sincerely, Jacinda

1. It's Snot-A-Spoon!
It's been established that we all like to pick our baby's nose. So satisfying, right? But some boogies are so hard to get. Too dry for the sucker ball (technical term, of course) and just out of reach for the pinky nail, this elusive variety of snot requires a new tool. The Snot-a-Spoon! A tiny silicone spoon that could be gently inserted into that bitty cavern and with one swipe to pull the bat out of the cave. There could even be guidelines on the side so you don't get temped to dig too deep.

2. The Mom-Brain Search Engine
I spend at least an hour of my day looking for crap: One pair of matching toddler shoes, a comb, my phone, my camera battery charger, the Bjorn, a bag of wipes -- the list goes on. What if there was a way to search for 10-20 items that you always lose? Maybe the items have a special sticker on them and your computer shows a pulsing light for each item over a floor-plan of your house. Or maybe it's an app on your phone … if you can find your phone.

3. Swaddle-Right Blanket
My babies have all loved a good swaddle, and a nice big muslin blanket has been the perfect solution. The only problem is getting the blanket into that diagonal/one-corner-folded-down/3-sides-out position while holding a baby that you just nursed back into a milk coma. I'm thinking there should be some type of contraption that uses magnets or the thin plastic "wire" used in playtents to "pop" the blanket into the open position.

For two more mommy inventions that could make you millions, visit Babble.


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