3 Of Our Favorite All-Natural Baby Shampoos

Like a lot of moms, I didn't have my "ah ha!" moment until after I had already been using some pretty crappy stuff to wash my daughter's hair. For the first few months I used Johnson's and then I got educated and found out there's all kinds of gross chemicals in that stuff.

So although it means spending a few extra bucks, I now only use all-natural shampoo on my daughter's hair. And the difference is remarkable. If you can believe it, your baby's hair will be even softer and smell even more amazing.

Yes, I know this says baby wash, but you can use Lavanila's Healthy Baby Wash ($16) on your baby's hair, too. And it's foaming so there's no risk of dripping.

I've been using Original Sprout products on my daughter for the last month or so and I'm totally hooked. This shampoo/bodywash ($9) combo smells great and gets nice and sudsy. I'm also obsessed with the baby cream.

This tear-free shampoo ($7) from Burt's Bees isn't much more expensive than Johnson's except that it's Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulfate-, paraben- and phthalate-free.

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