3 tips to survive your kid's spring break

Photo Credit: Getty ImagesPhoto Credit: Getty ImagesIn my neighborhood, the streets were quiet and empty. The daily buzz of kids going to school is gone because today marks the start of spring break.

My two sons have spring break at opposite times. The preschooler is home this week; the big(ger) kid is home as of Thursday at noon. At this stage, I'm more stressed out about planning an Easter dinner for 20+ people rather than thinking how to keep my kids busy while they're home over this quick vacation.

I did do some homework (heh), though, to come up with a few activities to make their Easter break fun. If you're not planning on sending your child to some sort of spring break camp, these three tips could help you out. Plus, these activities are easy on the budget.

  • Get ready for Easter or Passover. Seriously. You could spend every day this week creating something for an Easter celebration or preparing for a Passover Seder. Instead of taking on all the planning on your own, get the kids involved. From making Easter eggs (check out these Eggimals) to planning and making Easter or Passover meals and decorations, let them own projects. And if you're not Jewish, I highly recommend hosting a Seder for your kids. (Look at Torah Tots for help...it's pretty cute). It's a wonderful learning experience and super fun to do. (We did this in sixth grade and it still ranks as one of my favorite grade school memories.)
  • Eager to get out of the house? Be a tourist in your hometown or even the next town near you. Check out local museums and parks. Go fishing at a local lake. Go for a hike on a trail you haven't visited yet. Live near a beach? Check your newspaper for the next low tide so the kids can explore tide pools.
  • Create an outdoor secret hideaway for the kids in your backyard. It's always nice when you can start enjoying your outdoor living space. Something simple to do for your younger kids is to create a little secret spot for them to hang out. It could be as easy as a sheet hanging over some light rope to create a makeshift tent. Throw a blanket on the grass with some pillows, books, games and, of course, a picnic stash.

What are you doing with your kids this spring break?