4 Methods to Predict Your Baby's Gender

There are many urban legends and old wives tales about different ways to predict your baby's sex. The most accurate method to find out the gender of the baby, before the baby is born, is an ultrasound. But if you can't wait for that day to come, here are some irresistible and fun methods to start the betting.

1. The Chinese Gender Chart
There are a few different types of online baby gender predictors. Most of these go off of the mother's birthday and the date that she conceived. For example, there is the Chinese gender chart. This is a baby gender predictor that has become extremely popular over the last few years. As with all types of gender predictors, it is not 100 percent accurate for all women. One big draw of the Chinese gender chart is that it is quick and easy. Besides, it's harmless and easily accessible online.

2. Check Your Wedding Ring
According to the old wives tale, you can use either your wedding ring or a needle on a string. A piece of your hair also works in place of string. Hold the ring on the string over your pregnant belly, and watch the pattern of the movements the ring makes. According to the tale, if the ring starts to move in a circular pattern, you will have a girl. On the other hand, if it starts to move back and forth in a straight line, you will have a boy.

3. How is the Heart Rate?
At each of your doctor's appointments, they will most likely check your baby's heart rate. It is said that if the heart rate of the baby is over 140 beats per minute you will most likely be having a girl. If it tends to stay under 140 beats per minute, a baby boy might be in your future. There have been no studies that prove that this is accurate, but many people swear by this method to determine the sex of your child.

4. Take a Urine Test
There are a few tests on the market now, the most popular of which is the Intelligender test. In addition there are also mail-in lab tests available which use your urine. Those are also not completely accurate either and have a fairly large margin of error. They can be fun, though, and help you pass the time until you are able to get your ultrasound.

People have been trying to predict their baby's gender since the beginning of time. Even if you don't plan to find out the sex of your baby during the ultrasound, you may find that it is fun to try out some of these gender prediction methods. Let us know if have you tried any gender prediction methods! Were they accurate?