4 Things You Should Never Say to a Pregnant Woman

A pregnant woman.A pregnant woman.
I don't know what it is aboutpreggo ladies, but we seem to bring out the verbal diarrhea in absolutely everyone. Whether people just get nervous encountered by our bulging bellies, or simply believe that no statement is off limits, we tend to hear anything and everything - not always in a nice way. So, the next time you encounter a pregnant woman take heed of these tidbits of advice that I've compiled via years of complaints from my friends and personal experience. Doing so will save you an uncomfortable moment or two, I promise!

Statement 1: "You look like you're about ready to pop!"

Response: "Actually, I'm not due for another two months (unsaid: but thanks for making me feel like a cow)."

Rationale: I totally get why people say this, I just wish they wouldn't. We all hit that point where our bellies overwhelm the rest of our bodies, but trust me when I say that a woman who's seven months pregnant can and will get a lot bigger.

Statement 2: "Check out that [insert physical feature here]!"

Response: Well, it depends on the feature. Most pregnant women will either ignore you or try to make an appropriate joke.

Rationale: A couple of weeks ago a woman pointed out my belly button "outie" to an entire roomful of people at top volume. Heads as far away as Kansas swiveled in my direction. I opted on the side of humor, since children were present, even though I admit I was tempted to point out some of her physical flaws.

Statement 3: "My friend's cousin's baby died in the last week of pregnancy."

Response: Shocked silence.

Rationale: Sometimes, people just spit out the first pregnancy-related bit of information that they can think of without thinking of the repercussions. Unless you want to reduce a hormonally charged woman to tears, keep your horror stories to yourself and opt for a simple "congratulations" instead.

Statement 4: "You're having another boy/girl? Didn't you want the opposite?

Response: "A healthy baby is fine by me. Plus, no one can actually control gender, without expensive selection techniques."

Rationale: A check-out woman actually said this to me with a totally straight face. A statement like this is pretty rude to the many people out there that can't have children at all. I'm pretty sure a woman who's been struggling for years with infertility would happily take multiple boys, girls or any combination of the two without complaining.

I've become pretty desensitized over the years to random ramblings, but a lot of women are so sensitive regarding their expanding waistlines and babies that they take silly comments to heart. If possible, let it roll off your back. If not, buy yourself a chocolate bar and a dart board and you'll feel much better.

What's the craziest/silliest/rudest thing someone's ever said to you about your pregnancy?

This post was written by Alia Hoyt.

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