The 40 Items that Should Be on Your Baby Registry

Image: Buy Buy BabyExpectant parents often agonize over what items they really need for their new baby. Parentables writer Stephanie Vuolo has even narrowed it down to The Only 5 Things You Really Need for a Newborn. But when it comes time to put together a baby registry, even the minimalist will likely have at least a few dozen items on their list.

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I'm at the point where I'm starting to give away my baby items, but after two kids and a stint managing a baby store, I've had many friends ask me for advice when expecting their first baby, and I'm happy to oblige. However, yesterday I got to actually put my recommendations into action when a good friend who is expecting her first baby and has an overly full plate of other critical things going on in her life asked me if I could just take care of her registry for her. Never one to shy away from helping people with anything having to do with style or design, and knowing my friend's style very well as I planned her wedding and am helping her with her current home design, it was a no-brainer that I would say yes. Plus, I really wanted to help her out.

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Here are the 40 items I picked to create a well-rounded registry that will have her prepared to embark on this crazy adventure called parenthood.

1. Car Seat
2. Stroller
3. Co-Sleeper
4. Video Baby Monitor
5. Wash Cloths
6. Hooded Towel
7. Baby Bath
8. Baby Wash and Lotion
9. Tub Spout Cover
10. Breastfeeding Support Pillow
11. BPA-Free Bottles
12. BPA-Free Pacifiers
13. Burp Cloths
14. Bibs
15. 10-Pack Cloth Diapers (for extra burp cloths and emergency changing pads)
16. Wipes
17. Diapers
18. Diaper Cream
19. Knit Hats
20. Sleep Sack
21. Swaddling Blankets
22. Onesies
23. Infant Gowns
24. Pants
25. Socks
26. Healthcare and Grooming Kit
27. Diaper Disposal Pail
28. Contoured Changing Pad
29. Changing Pad Cover
30. Diaper Bag (or travel changing kit)
31. Portable Crib/Playard
32. High Chair
33. Teether
34. Activity Play Mat
35. Bounce Seat
36. Car Seat Bunting
37. Car Mirror

Now there are a few things missing from above. She is probably going to have a hand-me-down crib and she hasn't found out what she is having yet, but plans to so the room decor will get added to her list once that is determined. The additional items to be added will be:

38. Crib
39. Sheets
40. Mobile

There are certainly other things she will need in the first year of the baby's life like feeding spoons, but that's the kind of thing that she can easily pick up when she's ready for them. A registry should really focus on the things you'll need within those first three months of having baby home.

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I included a high chair on the list only because it's a bigger ticket item that makes a great group gift at a shower. Another thing you might notice is missing is a breast pump. I often see women register for $300 breast pump contraptions when they aren't sure how breast feeding is going to go for them or even if they'll be pumping regularly enough to need one. And if they do pump, it's typically not until weeks into their baby's life so I think it's best to determine what you need when you need it since it's such a personal thing with so many variations.

And don't forget that you are probably going to get lots of clothes and other toys from friends and family at your shower as well as once the baby is born so you don't need to load up on those things. Just stick to the basics with a week's worth of onesies, bottoms, and socks.

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