5 Apps that Teach Tots Life Skills

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Sure, there's an iTunes store filled with kid-friendly apps - some educational, plenty just plain fun. But there's a small subset of educational apps that do more than just teach tots sight words and basic addition skills. They introduce important life skills they'll carry with them in the future - everything from hygiene and fire safety to proper dressing for the weather. Before handing your smartphone or tablet over to your tot for play, check out these five apps that will help prepare them for life.

  • Fire Rescue: Fire safety is no joke, and the Fire Safety app ($2) takes it seriously. The app teaches tots how to stop, drop, and roll; how to touch the door to feel for heat; and - perhaps most importantly - how to dial 911.
  • Guess the Dress: Tots have a tendency for wanting to wear their swimsuits in the middle of the Winter and their snow boots on the hottest day of the year. Guess the Dress ($3) not only has beautiful graphics, but it also teaches tots to choose the right items of clothing based on the weather conditions. Help the two main characters decide what to wear for their walk based on the season, and then dress them for their walk.
  • Awesome Eats: Want to teach your tot about the difference between fruits, veggies, and whole grains? With Whole Foods' Awesome Eats app (free), kids move food across various surfaces to sort them into three categories, learning healthy eating tips along the way.
  • Maddie and Matt: Who knew teaching manners could be fun? With Maddie and Matt (free), it certainly is. Lil ones can join the two main characters in an interactive storybook, where they exhibit good manners and kids must choose the right actions to discover fun hidden gems throughout the tale.
  • Pepi Bath: Pepi Bath ($2) takes personal hygiene lessons to a whole new level - a fun level. Children can choose from boy or girl characters and help them wash their hands, brush their teeth, wash their laundry, and take a bath. With both preset steps or "explore on your own" options, the app offers plenty of opportunities to keep tots entertained - plus the "Unh-Unh" and "That's nice!" commentary from the characters make it all the more fun.

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