5 Baby Items Parents DON'T Need

That's my daughter at 2 months, wearing a very fancy dress I didn't buy.

There is so much baby gear out there. A ridiculous amount. When I had my first baby, I was tricked into thinking I needed to "collect it all." Because all good parents buy the best baby contraptions, right?

No. Turns out only suckers (or first-time parents) believe they need all of it. In fact, I've found much of it to be completely useless. So this time, in addition to not buying things, I'm also getting rid of things I've found to be entirely useless. Who needs baby junk (or any junk) you're not using taking up space?

So my top 5 things I'm not buying:

1. Baby bedding

Seriously, is there anything more expensive and useless? Babies really only need a couple light blankets and some fitted sheets. They don't need a comforter, bumpers (necessarily, though I actually use them when they are older), or any of the extra junk. Their rooms and cribs do not have to be perfectly coordinated like something out of a magazine. Besides, I sew each of my babies a special blanket, and their grandmothers make them special quilts that they use when they are older. I'm not spending $200 on something I will never use or need. A few $10 sheets are just fine.

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2. An exersaucer

My babies hated this thing. I don't think they ever spent more than a minute or so in it before screeching to get out. They just did not want to be trapped. I also do not like having so many "baby holders." Put them on the floor on a blanket with a few toys and call it good. They're more interested in what you have and what you're doing anyway.

3. Mainstream baby carriers (like the "Baby Bjorn")

I had one of these and really hated it. It wasn't comfortable for the baby or for me. Instead I used an old-fashioned Moby wrap until about 6 months, then a home-sewn Mei Tai after that. I did not need any other type of carrier at all, and my babies were far more comfortable. Plus, the wrap is so versatile.

4. Pack'n'play

I know lots of people love these. I kept thinking that I would - I just don't. I never use them! The grandparents have cribs or pack'n'plays at their houses, and when we've traveled elsewhere our babies have just slept with us. At home, they always nap in their crib, swing, or on me.

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5. Fancy baby outfits

Although my children have each had one or two "holiday" outfits, mostly purchased by the grandparents, I don't like fancy outfits in general. Sure, they're nice for that one special holiday. But otherwise, who has the time to make sure they stay clean and wash them specially? I don't. Almost everyone I know says these type of outfits are worn once or twice before they become too much of a hassle and are abandoned. Kids can live in onesies and cheap outfits just fine.

What are your least important baby items?

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